The Ocean

Photo by Malcolm Hill on

I think at some point or other, we’ve all felt like the boat in this picture.

Exhausted from the relentless storm and soaked in icy spray; at the mercy of the vast and powerful ocean. Terrified that the next big wave will be the one that takes us out.

Years ago, I had this inspiring Louisa May Alcott quote on my bedroom wall:

“I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship”.

Now, I do hesitate before taking on the mighty Alcott and her wisdom, but I would like to respectfully offer an alternate perspective:

What if, in this picture, you are not the boat. What if instead, you are the ocean?

In all it’s vast, powerful glory. Rich with treasures and endless wonder. What if that is you?

If you’re feeling like the sea is stormy right now. I invite you to take a breath and return to your centre, and with deep awareness of your power, trust in this. Trust in the tranquil waters under this choppy swell. Always there, still, limitless, peaceful. Within you, always.

Go well lovely people x

First shared on Instagram 24 Nov 2020

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