Human and horse training

I follow a great horse trainer called Warwick Schiller I’ve used his methods with my horses and really love his energy and his endless quest for self-improvement. He has a great story to explain the concept of capacity/bandwidth/stress management, and while he is using it to explain an element of horse-training, it also fits perfectlyContinue reading “Human and horse training”

Perfectionist in recovery

The term recovering perfectionist is spot on for me. For years I wore the badge of perfectionist as a sign of virtue. I thought it showed that I was a hard-worker, a striver, a seeker of excellence. In reality, it was a flimsy cover for a lack of self-worth. And, a symptom of taking myselfContinue reading “Perfectionist in recovery”

Random good stuff

I think we can all be forgiven for feeling like the world has gone a bit crazy. If you follow the News there seems to be little evidence of anything else. 🤯 As I sit here planning a private class for the weekend, it just struck me that although the world has seemed an unsettlingContinue reading “Random good stuff”