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I think we can all be forgiven for feeling like the world has gone a bit crazy.

Photo by Ray Bilcliff on Pexels.com

If you follow the News there seems to be little evidence of anything else. 🤯 As I sit here planning a private class for the weekend, it just struck me that although the world has seemed an unsettling place this week, I’ve also had lots of reminders about the good stuff available to me too.

Here are a few that hit me over the head this week:

These astoundingly beautiful words from @kaetempest’s Hold your Own that made their way back to me via a random social media thread:

“But, when time pulls lives apart
Hold your own
When everything is fluid, nothing can be known with any certainty
Hold your own
Hold it till you feel it there
As dark and dense and wet as earth
As vast and bright and sweet as air
When all there is is knowing that you feel what you are feeling
Hold your own
Ask your hands to know the things they hold
I know, the days are reeling past in such squealing blasts
But stop for breath and you will know it’s yours
Swaying like an open door when storms are coming

Next was a simple #DailyCalm meditation where the wonderful @tamaralevitt explored the metaphor of a Lighthouse.
Lighthouses by design, live in precarious places like cliff edges off stormy seas. No matter the conditions, they stand tall through it all. Steady & unwavering, shining light in all directions. 360 degrees of perspective. 🧡

And in class too, this week has all been about stability. In all my classes we slowed right now, spending time in Mountain pose. Feeling into our strength & connecting with the Earth beneath the feet. 🧡

In fact, when I began to feel a bit off-kilter myself it took a friend to remind me of MY OWN WORDS in class to really switch back on and start looking for the good stuff.

So here it is, all of the above and so much more:

Sharing fears with friends;

the wonders of seasons in this hemisphere;

sunshine after all the rain;

my horses;

my cats shadowing my every move;

my children hysterically laughing at nothing in particular;

my cosy living room.

My body.

My breath.

My beating heart.

It’s all here, we only have to remember to look for it. 🧡

First shared on Instagram 6 Nov 2020

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Perfectionist in recovery.

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