Yoga for Horse Riders

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This four-week Dru yoga based short course will help to mobilise and strengthen the body while creating balance in the mind. The concepts we learn in yoga can benefit us hugely in the saddle. It isn’t all about being super flexible with abs of steel though, it’s about alignment, balance and embodiment; and becoming a better partner for our horses.

Course Programme

Week 1: Hello Body.

This session will focus on body awareness, including spinal mobility and pelvic alignment – crucial for creating a stable and consistent riding seat.

Week 2: Hello Balance.

This session will build on what we learned in week one, as well as introducing some simple body-preps and postures that promote both strength and flexibility in areas that are key for riders – such as our deep core muscles, hips and upper back. Releasing tension while promoting correct posture and alignment.

Week 3: Hello Calm.

This session will focus on our mind/body connection and nervous system alignment. You will leave with some quick and easy tools to implement before, during and after riding.

Week 4: Hello Me.

This session will bring together all the elements we have covered over the past month, including a powerful energy block release sequence to leave you feeling centred, strong, calm and focussed. Ready to move forward with your riding goals.

There are no current dates available for this course. Please contact me to register your interest.

Please note:

Due to COVID 19 restrictions places are strictly limited.

Attendance is subject to completion of a general health form, required for insurance purposes.

My Privacy Policy and general booking Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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