One to One/Private Yoga

One to One Yoga classes in Ripponden and online

Booking a private yoga session is a great way to explore the benefits of yoga in a unique way. Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one because ancient yogis recognised that we are all different: We all have different needs and our bodies move and work in different ways.

Often, my 1-1 yoga clients are working with a specific health issue, such as back pain or a recent injury. Some just prefer the flexibility and focus of private sessions.

Why choose 1-1 Yoga?

  • You have a specific health issue you are recovering from and would like additional tailored support.
  • Perhaps you are brand new to yoga (or are returning to it after a break) and would like to go over the basics before joining a group class.
  • Are you going through a big life event? A private yoga practice can support you in a safe and friendly environment while giving you the tools to move forward through periods of stress and change.
  • Do you need the convenience of being able to choose a class time around your busy schedule?
  • 1-1 yoga can offer the opportunity to explore areas of yoga you are particularly interested in: Often this isn’t just the physical element (asana), but also includes breath work, meditation, or philosophy.
  • For some, it’s about working towards a goal. Taking control of your body and your health. These tailored sessions can focus on a more transformational yoga practice, as well as coaching tools, combining the practical with the energetic.

How to work with me?

Private sessions can take place here in my small yoga studio in Ripponden, Halifax. Or, online via Zoom.

Sessions typically last 60 minutes, although the first session may run a little longer.

Contact me to arrange a free consultation to chat through what you’re looking for, and to see if we’re a good fit.

I offer a range of 1-1 yoga class options or private yoga packages, including the below:

Claire has been a godsend… I came out of the sessions with practical tools and a positive mindset that are already reaping results.


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