Kiss the joy as it flies

Early this morning, I completed a very short but very beautiful meditation with Jeff Warren. It was entitled ‘kiss joy as it flies’. We meditated on the concept of not resisting change, on non-attachment to feelings, ‘good’ or ‘bad’ so we can experience joy (however transient it may be) that is around us. He quotedContinue reading “Kiss the joy as it flies”

Human and horse training

I follow a great horse trainer called Warwick Schiller I’ve used his methods with my horses and really love his energy and his endless quest for self-improvement. He has a great story to explain the concept of capacity/bandwidth/stress management, and while he is using it to explain an element of horse-training, it also fits perfectlyContinue reading “Human and horse training”

Perfectionist in recovery

The term recovering perfectionist is spot on for me. For years I wore the badge of perfectionist as a sign of virtue. I thought it showed that I was a hard-worker, a striver, a seeker of excellence. In reality, it was a flimsy cover for a lack of self-worth. And, a symptom of taking myselfContinue reading “Perfectionist in recovery”

Make the most of an online yoga session on Zoom.

This is a bit of a change to my usual post – more a top tips type post – really hoping it will be useful nonetheless! Since COVID online yoga has become a staple offering within the industry. I certainly wouldn’t have my early riser yoga club without it. There was lots of debbie doubtersContinue reading “Make the most of an online yoga session on Zoom.”

Random good stuff

I think we can all be forgiven for feeling like the world has gone a bit crazy. If you follow the News there seems to be little evidence of anything else. 🤯 As I sit here planning a private class for the weekend, it just struck me that although the world has seemed an unsettlingContinue reading “Random good stuff”

See you on the loop

In the past, I’ve experienced a huge amount of anxiety around public speaking. Over the past few years, I’ve worked hard to get better at it. And, with the right preparation, I’m able to get myself into a resourceful enough place so that my brain and mouth are able to engage at the same timeContinue reading “See you on the loop”